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"Californ-I-A" live at Converse's Rubber Tracks, Boston

I recently had the pleasure of recording at Converse Shoe's Rubber Tracks Studio in Boston! Recording at Rubber Tracks was an amazing experience that I feel very grateful for. Take a look at the NEW video "Californ-I-A," track eight from my new record.

The Rubber Tracks studio is a state of the art recording space, with complete isolation, an amazing selection of gear and a dream console from Rupert Neve Designs. They have a great selection of outboard compressors and a wonderful facility that makes bands feel at home. Aside from the studio itself, what made the session extra special was the group of players that joined me. me. All of these players are not only good players but good friends as well. Special thanks to Kayte Darling of and Holbrook Gracia of for filming the day. For players, the lineup is...

Bass - Sean McLaughlin of 37' Productions

Drums/Percussion - Anthony Cimino of Mojo Pro Audio

Guitar - Boyan Hristov of B11

Drums/Percussion - Matt Spitz of the Van Burens

Keys - Jeff King of the Van Burens

Backing Vocals - Jose Docen of "Of Lions and Giants"

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