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The Boot Premiers "Only Love," from The Trees Beyond the Town

The Boot was recently kind enough to premier the single "Only Love," from the upcoming album "The Trees Beyond the Town." Check it online HERE: and read below!

Singer-songwriter Jay Psaros is preparing to release a brand-new LP in mid-December, and he's giving The Boot's readers a first listen to one of its tracks. Press play below to hear the song "Only Love."

With "Only Love," a mellow, hyponitizing song, Psaros encourages listeners to step back and remember what's most important amid the busy pace of life. "Only love can save us from ourselves ..." he sings in the song's chorus.

"We can instantly send information through thin air, cure diseases that were once thought untreatable, visit distant planets and explore the very matter that makes up the universe. None of this, however, pays our teachers more, ends our ancient conflicts or puts our worlds leaders into agreement," Psaros reflects to The Boot. "When even our best science, most profound religions and most well-established institutions fail us. .. only love can save us from ourselves."

"Only Love" will appear on The Trees Beyond the Town, a new, eight-song LP from Psaros. The artist's influences for the project, which was produced by Lorne Entress, range from Americana and folk to blues and jazz to jam bands. Psaros' fans funded the album, giving so much, in fact, that he reached nearly double his fundraising goal.

"One of the great joys of being a singer-songwriter is the ability to shape shift. Although I miss the dynamics of being in a band, I love the freedom to fully explore a variety of different directions," Psaros says. "With The Trees Beyond the Town, I wanted to explore several influences and trust that a through line would be found … something I think we succeeded in doing.”

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