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*In an effort to meet the $10,000 goal, I have enabled an option to pay extra for this album.  All proceeds will go towards promoting this record!


Welcome to the Pre-Order page for "Long Time Coming."  I greatly appreciate you taking the time to stop by!  "Long Time Coming" is a very special album to me.  It is the closest to my most authentic "self" that I've been able to get to musically.  It's an extremely sincere album which is a reflection of joy, sacrifice, and of the lessons learned from a ground which moves beneath our feet.  I'm hoping to raise $10,000 to properly promote this record and reach 1,000 albums sold by the release date.  Your kindness and support over the past decade +, have been invaluable to my pursuit of making the best music that I possibly can.  With that, I feel a sense of responsibility to YOU, the listener, to create art that is meaningful, well crafted, and thought provoking.  I also aim to create a compelling story which is worthy of your energy and attention.  It is my hopes that with your continued support, I can continue to create and connect in a way that is honest, open and filled with growth.   More info below. 

Why is 1,000 albums sold the pre-order goal?

So much of the music industry is a game of numbers.  How many tickets can you sell?  How many shows can you play?  How many units can you sell?  Being able to show that you have an audience that is ready to consume your music is a great statistic that artists can use to further their career.  Whether they be soliciting to labels or agents, proof of market can be a driving force in the growth of an independent artists career.  These statistics are represented by music "charts," which all of you have heard of.  The "Billboard" Chart, the "iTunes" chart.  By selling upwards of 1,000 units, independent artists can stand a chance at making their presence known within the broader market.

Why Bandcamp?

Bandcamp is an online, direct to consumer music retailer and streaming service built specifically for Independent Artists.  Bandcamp allows artists to upload, share, sell and distribute their music, as well as merch, with an "artist first" payment structure.  The big benefit of Bandcamp, is that unlike other pre-order sites (Kickstarter, GoFundMe etc., Bandcamp REPORTS ALL PRE-ORDERS to Luminate (formerly Nielsen Soundscan), which is the company responsible for reporting sales statistics to Billboard.  An invaluable feature for independent artists!

Why $10k?  Recording and promotion costs

Making a record is time consuming and expensive, a true labor of love!  Getting this album out to the world is also an expensive endeavor.  I'm trying to raise $10,000 to offset some of the expenses in this process.  The large majority of those funds will go towards promotional efforts via radio, online advertising and media efforts.  Another large portion will go towards the printing of the album.  As with all of my album fundraisers, I gladly assume all of the recording and production costs!  This is my way of pledging to listeners that I have skin in the game and believe in this record with the same level of believe that so many people have shown in me.  It's an honor!

- Recording Time: $6,500

- Musicians: $4,000

- Mastering: $1,500

- CD and Vinyl Printing: $2,000

- Promotional Costs: $5,000

- TOTAL COST: $19,000

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