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Glide Magazine Premiers single "Coming up the River" from The Trees Beyond the Town

SONG PREMIER: Jay Psaros shares soulful love song "Coming up the River"

What type of songwriter is Jay Psaros? That’s a question Psaros has been asking himself for years. Psaros, a long time resident of the Northeast was born into a family of the self employed. Like the self employed, his music has ebbed and flowed in and out of “where the work is,” so to speak. Crossing genres as needed and blending styles as desired. At 33 years old, Psaros has worked in a most peculiar musical landscape. His gigs have ranged from bar rooms, to medieval themed dinner theaters, to small clubs, house concerts, weddings and everything in between. He’s hustled as a booking agent, produced for other artists, written music blogs and even taught the occasional lesson. Recently, a stroke of good fortune. On the cusp of a decade in the music industry, the sweaty bars and medieval costumes have given way to support slots for National Acts and small headlining tours at regional clubs.

Nearly ten years in as a true working musician and the art is finally beginning to prosper. Psaros’s 5th release, “The Trees Beyond the Town” is the culmination of ten years of being self employed. The styles are reflective of the paths Psaros has taken to keep himself in work, as well as keep himself in art. Like Psaros, who is of Chinese, Greek and Irish descent, the songs are uniquely multi-genre.

Today Glide is premiering “Coming Up The River”, one of the standout songs on the new album. The song is a catchy and soulful ode to the singer’s main squeeze. It’s sort of a traveling song written from perspective of yearning for someone who is coming to you. With the help of slide guitar, organ, and a shuffling groove, the song has a feel-good Southern sound and Psaros’s smooth and soulful vocals stay in the spotlight.

In his own words, Psaros has this to say about the song:

Love is a powerful force. It fights our better judgement, inspires our deepest callings and for people, is the driving power behind our existence. That doesn’t mean it can’t be fun, careless and humorous. The idea of “Coming Up the River” is ultimately a symbol of the power of love, what people will do to find it and what it entails once it’s found.


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