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Elmore Magazine Premiers "The Trees Beyond the Town (single)" Lyric Video

PREMIER: Psaros' forward-looking mix - Elmore Magazine

"Trees Beyond the Town" Beckons

Jay Psaros has crossed genres and blended styles; he’s played bars, medieval-themed dinner theaters, small clubs, house concerts, weddings, support slots for National Acts and small headlining tours at regional clubs. He’s hustled as a booking agent, produced for other artists, written music blogs and even taught the occasional lesson. He has shared the stage with artists ranging from The Mavericks to Ziggy Marley, Anders Osborne to Peter Cetera, Los Lonely Boys to Third Eye Blind and many more of scattered genre and variety.

Diversity may be in his genes: born into a family of the self employed, Psaros is of Chinese, Greek and Irish descent, and his songs share a similarly extensive family of influences. Psaros himself said, “I frequently get calls to support acts so far outside my genre (at least how I view my genre) that I’m always questioning whether or not I’ve found my place.”

Psaros’s 5th release, “The Trees Beyond the Town” is the culmination of ten years of self-employment, and, like the artist himself, recognizable yet subtly unidentifiable. The songs have influences ranging from Americana, blues, jazz, jam bands and folk…all rooted in the tradition of the singer/songwriter.

Of the title track, premiered here, Psaros told Elmore, “‘The Trees Beyond the Town’ is ultimately about using the past and present to understand your future. As an independent artist, you always have to have your eyes on the horizon. When making this record, I began digging back into the archives from the past couple of years, which were pretty hectic—nonstop gigging and recording for a solid year and a half. When I started combing through the archives, I realized not only how much has happened, but how quickly it has as well. ‘The Trees Beyond the Town’ lyric video was a great way to showcase my last couple years to people that have been supporting me, and a way to remind me to take a moment and remember the journey.”

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