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"Young Man" performed live at South Shore Music and welcome to the NEW

Releasing a new album is an interesting thing. You spend lots of time writing and honing the songs which will eventually become a record. Some of them make the cut, some of them don't. It always seems that the time spent in the studio could never possibly capture the life that is inherent in the songs, especially after months and even years of playing them live to all types of audiences. There is a history in the song that can never be accessed because, like a performance, that time is fleeting and the energy felt on any given night, by grand design, will never be replicated. The studio, however also posseses a magic unto itself, and the recording that happens in the studio is also a moment in time that will never be replicated. The outcome however, offers us a glimpse into that period. The songs that are recorded open up the imagination to the lives that these songs have lived...some harder than others and some longer too...and after months of writing, recording and being an artist, we as independent musicians must, for a moment, abandon our artist selves and become the curator, the business owner and promoter. This requires diligence, patience, and an almost foolish belief in what we do....but that's the fun; and the romance. Like so many other things in life, we have a plan. What will happen, how it will happen and why it must happen. But as it is with most plans, things change and we adapt accordingly. In my mind, I would have a new website, a new album, new videos, new gigs and a clean slate. Silly me, as the slate will never be clean. There will always be remnance of the writing that came before. This new album, this new website had a plan of it's own...and I'm learning to ride shotgun in the creative vehicle. And as the plan is currently presented, I have a brand new album soon to be release, some great vidoes to go along with it and a new website...and so begins the sharing process. I hope you all enjoy!

This video is a live recording of my song "Young Man" from the new album. The video was filmed by Kayte Darling Photography live at South Shore Music in Weymouth, MA.

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