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"Savor the ethereal melancholy underlying “Dear Jane,” or enjoy the groove on “Strangers Again,” built around a soul organ arrangement. The title cut is a wistful memoir, set to a country rock framework, while “Hold On My Love” is thoughtful and romantic. Psaros voice seems to have matured also, relaxing from the need to project in noisy taverns, and the best example is the superb vocal colorations in “Only Love.”

- Jay Miller, The Patriot Ledger. Top Ten Albums of 2018.  12/20/18


"It's Psaros' relaxed warmth and unpretentious manner that make him immediately appealing.  The understated atmosphere also accents the deft touches applied by the musicians.  Meanwhile, Psaros comes across honestly and authentically with his lyrics, revealing a gift for melody and the occasional infectious hook, amidst some stark and haunting backdrops.  8/10 stars!" 

- Glide Magazine, 12/14/18


"Top Ten songs of the week for Dec 12!"

- The Alternate Root Magazine.  12/12/18


“Jay Psaros is a master of the acoustic realm. With riveting lyrics bolstered to lilting melodies, Psaros captures the listener’s attention and imagination unconditionally on his new CD “The Trees Beyond the Town.” Skillfully melding country, blues, folk and pop, Psaros delivers beautifully crafted songs with heartfelt sentiment. Joined by talented session aces Kevin Barry on guitar and Lap Steel, Jesse Williams on Upright Bass, Sam Kassirer on Piano, Synth and Organ, and Lorne Entress on drums (who also produced, engineered and mixed the record) Psaros utilizes their respective talents with keen musicality. Eight gorgeous creations waiting for your ears. Outstanding!”

- Brian Owens, Metronome Magazine.  Top 5 for Dec.  11/22/18


"With "Only Love," a mellow, hyponitizing song, Psaros encourages listeners to step back and remember what's most important amid the busy pace of life. "Only love can save us from ourselves ..." he sings in the song's chorus.  Editors Pick!"

- The Boot, 11/19/18

"Jay Psaros’ music puts me in the mind of making brunch on a Sunday morning, mimosa in hand, troubles fading with each crunch of avocado toast. That’s millennial enough, right? Bottom line: this is a record I doubt anyone would complain about. The lyrics from Jay are softly sung, being delivered from the mild-mannered fellow that he is. Steel guitar work found on tracks like “Only Love” and closer “The Trees Beyond The Town” offer up some supplementary styling from the otherwise straightforward instrumentation. The Trees Beyond The Town is akin to waves on the shore, gentle and quickly fades, but whilst they last help ease the mind.

Would you like this record? Yes. Would your mother? Yes. Would your lover? Yes."

- Bearded Gentlemen Music, 11/16/18 

Jay Psaros, in his new CD, The Trees Beyond The Town, shines with an ineffable charm. Psaros has a light touch that is inexplicably appealing, something in between the notes that is unique to him.  Psaros offers his listeners another winning disc of his particularly good and unique approach. By keep things quiet, understated, and unpretentious he reaches higher levels of expression than on previous recordings, and that is saying something. Drummer Lorne Entress produced and mixed this disc utilizing both at Harmony Street in Tolland, Connecticut as well as Great North Sound Society in Parsonfield, Maine. Entress’s work, as usual, counts for at least some of an album’s success for the shine he gets out of each instrument and vocal.

- Bill Copeland Music News, 11/8/18

"Psaros’s 5th release, “The Trees Beyond the Town” is the culmination of ten years of self-employment, and, like the artist himself, recognizable yet subtly unidentifiable. The songs have influences ranging from Americana, blues, jazz, jam bands and folk…all rooted in the tradition of the singer/songwriter."

- Elmore Magazine, 10/23/18

"Today Glide is premiering “Coming Up The River”, one of the standout songs on the new album. The song is a catchy and soulful ode to the singer’s main squeeze. It’s sort of a traveling song written from perspective of yearning for someone who is coming to you. With the help of slide guitar, organ, and a shuffling groove, the song has a feel-good Southern sound and Psaros’s smooth and soulful vocals stay in the spotlight."

- Glide Magazine, 10/15/18

"Singer-songwriter Jay Psaros deftly blends a multitude of genre-based influences into a subtle and sweet look back on past relationships.  Such is evident in Psaros' latest single, titular "Strangers Again". Psaros' sweet vocals lend themselves genuinely to the gentle sway of the driving arrangement, clearly showing his penchant for folk-style songwriting. He showcases his penchant for jazz and blues in subtle instrumental indications, such as in the sweetness of his electric guitar licks, or the soulfulness of his overlying keyboard performance. Psaros' subtle approach to musical adaptability evokes similarities to successful acts along the lines of Hirai Dai or Donovan Frankenreiter, perhaps affirming that his more offbeat approach to songwriting has its place. "Where the work is" might just continue to keep on being better to him as time goes on."

- Pop Matters, 10/8/18

"Jay Psaros won many new fans with an engaging solo acoustic set of singer-songwriter tunes.  "The Orphan," which deals with the struggles of a Vietnam vet years after returning home, and a James Taylor-like run-through of Stephen Foster's "Oh Susanna" were terrific, as was Psaros' guitar playing.  It was his 32nd birthday, and the near-capacity crowed showed him why Lynn audiences are the best by singing "Happy Birthday" to the performer"

- Bill Brotherton, The Item Live (Lynn, MA) 12/3/16


"One of the more compelling music stories this year isn't a tale of flash and thunder buy rather a story of determination, perseverance and staying true to a vision.  Jay Psaros released his fourth album this year in late February, an eponymous cd where his soothing blend of folk and pop melodies are framed by a veritable all-star group of Boston musicians.   The music is acoustic based folk and rock, easily riding along infectious melodic grooves and the songwriter's laid back vocals.  - Jay Miller, The Patriot Ledger 9/2/2016


"The songs have an extremely personal quality to them, making his audiences feel that he is opening himself to them.  This was a terrific show in an intimate venue (800 +/- seats) with excellent sound and lights.  I predict Psaros has a good career ahead of hime" - Suze Reviews the Blues 8/7/2016

"The opening tune "Young Man" calls to mind your sensitive singer/songwriter product with shades of "The Boxer" and the first Paul Simon Record and with superadded steel guitars.  Nice, delicate; subtly produced.  Folks as dote on a mellow setting in their tunage will likely find this most satisfactory" - The Noise Boston 8/01/2016


"The music here on the new record is full and robust. Smart choices in guitar and effects. Never adding too much, just adding enough, to accompany but never overwhelm the basic mechanics and purpose of the song. That is something I love so much about Jay’s work, it can be just as impactful on a full length, full band record or him standing alone in a dive bar with an acoustic guitar. The musician bleeds versatility and heart and that is evident here in his latest effort." - Red Line Roots 12/10/2015


"Jay Psaros’s latest, self-titled CD follows along similar roots as his previous works. This time around he brings a fresh, wide-ranging feeling to his singer-songwriter flare. With a voice that many singer-songwriters would kill or die for, Psaros never fails to deliver the emotive, musical goods with understated artfulness and vivid details." - Bill Copeland Music News 12/4/2015


"Opening (for Boz Scaggs) was Rockland's Jay Psaros, and if it is a daunting task for a solo guitarist, he had the throng in the palm of his hand. Many local fans probably already know what a versatile and dextrous guitarist Psaros is, but not having caught him for a year or so, we were most impressed by how much his vocals have grown. On his own finger-picking dazzler "Just A Young Man," Psaros also sang with warmth and nuance, pulling the audience into his words and earning a big ovation. He's getting a lot of these opening gigs this summer, and it's easy to see why." - The Patriot Ledger 7/26/2015


"Another highlight of the evening wasn’t Rick (Springfield) or the middle-age woman who tried to climb the stage before being booted off by a security guard, it was none other than the opening act, musician Jay Psaros. Psaros, a Weymouth native, played with a folksy gusto and a surprising twang for a South Shore guy. If it wasn’t clear that Psaros is an amazing guitarist, the final song in his set, “Tripping and Running”, a instrumental rhapsody of picking, drumming and strumming his acoustic guitar, hammered it into the audience’s brain." - The Cape Cod Times 7/13/2015


 "The first time I saw Jay Psaros play guitar my jaw hit the floor. It’s as if Buckethead and Bob Dylan had a musical love baby and it came out as this guy. Jay writes great, pensive tunes and plays his acoustic guitar like a bat out of hell, with a tapping style that hits like a hurricane and lyrics that dig deep into your chest." - Brian Carroll, Red Line Roots


“When it comes to the music scene on the South Shore and beyond, Jay Psaros is on the forefront.  Not only is Jay a talented musician, he is the founder of PB and Jay Records which produces locally based recording artists.  Last year Psaros released “Simply” under the label with a lot of critical praise.” – Seth Jacobson, The Rockland Standard/Abington Mariner/Wicked Local 


"Jay Psaros is an old soul.  At age 28, he’s already released three albums, toured the United States, and started a record label.  His latest recording, ‘Simply,’ is a well recorded and played first hand recollection of his numerous experiences on the road."  - Brian Owens, Metronome Magazine.


 “Psaros is a true performer at heart.  The artists’s style is effortlessly effective drawing listeners near with his understated and universally appealing sound.  He lets his listeners breathe easy as his guitar gently sways.  He paints beautiful and rolling images with his words.” – Maggie Ambrose, 88.9 FM Boston


“This acclaimed artist provided the audience with a performance that came straight from the heart.  Psaros’s night of performing was more than just music.  He allowed everyone into his life and the the progression of a career.  Psaros’s final song of the evening was “Right Next to Me” which put an exclamation point on the night and garnered a standing ovation.” – Michael A Brooks of


“Jay Psaros to perform at The Savings Bank Theater back by popular demand.  Psaros has been making a name for himself as one of New Englands finest songwriters.  Psaros’ career as a performer began six years ago when he started playing the role of the “minstrel” at Boston’s famed Medieval Manor Dinner Theater.  Since then, he has gone on to develop a respected successful career as a singer/songwriter and performer doing everything from high school workshops to touring regionally and nationally.  His music ranges from Folk, to Alt. Rock, Instrumental and Americana.” – The Wakefield Daily Iten 2013


2012 Limelight Magazine Music Award Winner.  Runner up for “Album/EP of the Year by Solo Artist” for “Simply” – Limelight Magazine


2012 “Top Ten Emerging Artists (New England)” -The Deli Magazine  Readers Poll


“Stunning folk sounds warm the core.  Simply resonates as a colorful new EP of appealing songs written and recorded by singer/songwriter hero Jay Psaros, complete with enchanting harmonies, mellow lyrics and catchy rhythms.  The result,Simply, merits great introspection that a small review cannot give.   A cohesive collection of folk statements.  A stellar songwriting effort teeming with emotion.  Overall, this is an enriching piece of folk art, and a delight to listen to.”  -Shawn M. Haney, Performer Magazine about “Simply” 


Top albums  for November 2012 from the National Folk DJ Chart for “Simply”  Debuting at #39


“Jay Psaros is joining a fast growing cult of artists who transcend expectations of their medium and big label standards for a life of true musicianship.  Jay is still without a doubt blazing his own path through the new music landscape.”  - Jake Sorgen WERS 88.9FM


“Top 3 Local Albums of 2011″  “Local Troubadour Psaros takes a huge leap forward with his sophomore effort.  The difference is in the songs, as Psaros has become a story-teller of precision, with arrangements that reflect his hundreds of gigs here and all over the country.  He’s also achieved a really unique sound of his own and catching one of his local shows is highly recommended.”  – Jay Miller The Patriot Ledger about “On Up the Road”


“Top 15 Albums of 2011″ –  The Patriot Ledger About “On Up the Road”


“Psaros just wants his listeners to be happy.  Psaros, who is touring the US this summer and hits up 7 Alaskan venues  in July is on his second recorded album, which is a more polished roots-based dragnet of various American Music genres than his first release.  The sound is eclectic, sometimes poppy, and downright danceable. Event Highlights for July, 2011. – Alaska Coast Magazine


“The new album finds Psaros paying more attention to detail.  The songs are more fully developed vignettes and his vocals are infinitely more confident.  The guitar work is dazzling  but on new tunes like the funky roots rock of “Almost May in Memphis” or the twangy soul of “Skyscrapers,” Psaros can be conversational, intimate, subtle or passionate with his vocal letting him evoke everyone from John Hiatt, Steve Forbert to Jason Mraz.   - Jay Miller, The Patriot Ledger.  Quincy, MA


 “Jay Psaros is a welcome breath of fresh air, creating music that is soulful, introspective and reflective.  A soothing and vital    addition to one’s record collection” – about “On up the Road”  – Shawn M. Haney, Performer Magazine.  Boston , MA


“Their recordings were strong, but their performances (Jay Psaros and Olivia Brownlee) showed me what real artists they are” – Randi Wilson, Liberty Lake Splash.  Liberty Lake, Washington


 “Psaros has a self taught background which is both intuitive and inventive”  – Isamu Jordan, Spokesman Review.  Spokane, Washington


“Top Ten Local Albums of 2010 (Tripping and Running),  Quincy guitarist Jay Psaros reveals solid Alt/Rock songwriting with tastefully restrained jamming accents.”    – Jay Miller , The Patriot Ledger.  Quincy, MA


" ‘Tripping and Running’s’ musical net drags in a wide number of genres, from folk and Americana to rock, blues and acoustic jazz."“Literally a one-man-band.”   – Chad Berndston The Patriot Ledger  7/23/2010


“I’ve been excited about Psaros’s music since hearing his first album ‘Tripping and Running.’  Psaros starts the first track with a sweet groove that continues throughout the twelve tracks to conclude with the stunning Tipping and Turning that begs a listener to restart and listen to the album again”  Album rating 4.25/5    -Mark HaTe of  Fake Plastic Tunes 8/13/11 about “On up the Road.”  


“And like the idea of ‘On Up the Road,’ the songs smoothly move and carry this theme while each carrying it’s own uniqueness.  Jay’s songs are conveyed with soul and heart.  A steadiness reminiscent of James Taylor, even his style in a few tunes remind me of a modern-day JT.  His songs are filled with beauty and genuine spirit.  Overall a pleasant and enjoyable listen.  –  About “On Up the Road” Debbie Catalano of  “The Noise – Rock Around Boston” 10/1/2011 


“After discussing the details of  his EP, Jay played an un-named song that is planned to be on the release.  Much in the resemblance of a certain Robert Plant and Allison Krauss duets, this song featured beautifully crafted lyrics sung in a folksy style harmony.  With only his acoustic guitar, Jay graced the airwaves with three stirring songs, along with some experiences from the road.”   – WERS 88.9FM  10/20/2011 


“An amazing songwriter and articulate storyteller”  - Lisa Azizian of  South Shore Live and Almost Famous on WATD 95.9 FM


“The album wastes no time really bringing the listener into the music of Psaros as the opening track ‘Waiting to Let Go’ highlights the vocals and instrumentation that can be expected on the rest of the album.  Though Psaros deserves credit for the music and songs within the album, the fact that he was able to produce such a dynamic album is a testament to the musical genius that Psaros brings to the table. ”  – Kevin Bligh about “On Up the Road”- Consumer Reviews/  10/2/2011


"Artist on the Verge" WERS


Featured Home Grown Artist - River 92.5

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